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InterRail night train

InterRail: Information about night train services. Schedules, fares and photos. Details to the available types of seats, berths and sleepers. Night trains are inexpensive to use with an InterRail pass and sometimes even free, if you use normal seats.

InterRail - There are very good night train connections in Europe. With night trains you can travel large distances while you sleep and save on costs for hostels.
In general, overnight trains require a reservation for the category of seat or bed you want to book.

In night trains there are three different categories: regular seats, couchettes and sleeping cars.

Depending on the type of night train and the country you travel in, each category offers different subcategories. Choose the night train you want to use and we will show you the details and photos of the different compartment types.

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Seat - InterRail

Most night trains also have cars attached with normal day train seats. Some offer special seats called "Sleeperettes" which are more comfortable than the ordinary seats. This is the cheapest way to spent the night but at the same time probably the most uncomfortable one. In some night trains the seats are even free to use without any reservation fee.

Couchette - InterRail

Couchette cars offer the best balance between comfort and cost. The compartments usually comprise four to six berths. The doors can be locked. Women travelling alone can often book "women only" compartments.
The price you pay for a berth is approximately the cost of a bed in a dormitory of a hostel. Couchettes usually don't offer showers. There are only sinks and toilets.

Sleeper - InterRail

Sleeping cars offer the greatest comfort. The compartments are usually for one or two travelers and are equipped with larger beds. Some sleeping compartments require a 1st class ticket. The compartments include a washbasin, some even offer a private shower and toilet.


The 19:00h rule for night trains - InterRail

The 19:00h-rule for night trains will save you travel days when using a Flexible InterRail pass (5 travel days within 10 days or 10 days within 22 days).

If you board a direct overnight train that departs after 19:00h and arrives after 04:00h, only the following day is counted as a travel day.

One travel day starts by boarding the night train after 19:00h. You can then travel the whole night until at least 04:00h by this train - as well as the entire next day until 23:59h.

Then you can fill in the next day's date on the rail pass.

The 19:00h-rule is also valid for ONE COUNTRY passes.

Attention: You cannot benefit from this rule before 00:01h on the first day of the overall validity period of your Pass. If the first validity day is for example Wednesday August 9, you cannot use the '19:00h-rule' on Tuesday the 8th yet.
In this case you could use a night train starting at 19:00h on August 9, filling in August 10 as your first travel day.

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